• Research Report

    First Annual North Carolina County Privatization Survey

    posted November 9, 2011 by Kevin Munger, Dr. Michael Sanera
    County governments all over North Carolina are saving money by privatizing services. In an effort to assist in the exchange of information about these activities, the John Locke Foundation conducted a survey of all 100 counties asking county managers to tell us about governmental activities that they currently supply privately. We also asked them if they had problems in the past with a privatized activity that had caused them to return the activity to government provision.
  • Press Release

    Lawmakers should nix tax-raising schemes

    posted February 27, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolina taxpayers would pay the price if state lawmakers endorse complex fund-raising schemes this year. That’s according to a new John Locke Foundation Policy Report. Click…
  • Research Report

    A Better Bargain: Meeting North Carolina’s needs without a $1 billion tax hike

    posted February 27, 2007 by Joseph Coletti
    Budgets reflect priorities. When families face a new expense, they must cut back on another expense. Governments do not have this limitation. When legislators find they have spent too much or that there are new activities worth funding, they can raise taxes to make sure the budget balances and pass along the tough decisions to businesses, entrepreneurs, and families.

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