• Research Report

    City and County Budget Crises: When in a hole, first stop digging

    posted March 3, 2009 by Joseph Coletti, Dr. Michael Sanera
    This report documents the change in locally generated revenues of 98 North Carolina counties* and the 30 largest N.C. cities between 2002 and 2007. Locally generated revenues increased faster than population and inflation in 96 of 98 counties and 24 of 30 cities. In Union County, revenue increased 48 percent faster than population and inflation over five years. For that reason, many counties and cities are having financial difficulties because they have spent taxpayer revenues on unnecessary or low-priority projects.
  • Research Report

    Does Avery need a land-transfer tax increase?

    posted January 11, 2009 by Dr. Terry Stoops, Joseph Coletti, Dr. Michael Sanera
    The Avery County commissioners are asking county residents to approve a sale-tax increase on February 3. This report identifies over $10 million in revenue and savings the county could use to meet its needs; more than triple the amount that the proposed land-transfer tax increase is estimated to produce.
  • Press Release

    Chatham corridor plan would hurt most affected landowners

    posted November 11, 2008
    RALEIGH — Chatham County landowners would bear the costs of a “radical” land-use plan designed to benefit a small, politically connected elite. That’s the conclusion of a new John Locke…

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