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    A North Carolina Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming

    posted July 24, 2007 by Joel Schwartz
    North Carolina is headed toward imposing major new regulations and taxes on the consumption and production of energy, all in the name of fighting global warming. But the climate hysteria on which they are based has nothing to do with reality. Whatever the risks of future climate change, they pale in comparison to the risks of the “wrenching transformation” sought by climate alarmists.
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    Citizen’s guide battles global warming myths

    posted June 24, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolina should avoid new regulations and taxes based on hype surrounding global warming. That’s a key conclusion in the John Locke Foundation’s new North Carolina…
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    JLF explains ‘Why Al Gore Is Wrong’

    posted June 17, 2007
    RALEIGH – The John Locke Foundation will unveil its new global warming guide next week during a tour from Charlotte to Wilmington. The tour is titled “Why Al Gore Is…
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    The Health Effects of Air Pollution: Separating Science and Propaganda

    posted May 2, 2006 by Joel Schwartz
    Air pollutants of all kinds in North Carolina and the United States are at their lowest levels since measurements began back in the 1970s. The weight of the evidence suggests that these low levels of air pollution are at worst a minor health concern.
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    Expert: American Lung Association full of hot air

    posted April 25, 2006
    RALEIGH — The latest air quality rankings from the American Lung Association continue to exaggerate the harmful effects of air pollution. That’s the finding from an expert whose study…
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    Lung Association Chokes: Another Year of Misleading North Carolinians

    posted June 9, 2005 by Joel Schwartz
    Once again, the American Lung Association's annual “State of the Air” report misleads the public by exaggerating the data and issuing “grades” meant more to scare than to inform. The ALA claims up to 900 percent more high-ozone days than actually occurred and gives F grades to counties that are having no problem meeting EPA guidelines.

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