• John Locke Update

    Governments Are People and People Are Complicated

    posted March 8, 2018 by Joseph Coletti
    Government is more than just a concept.  Government is people. For better and for worse, imperfect human beings fill government roles and make government decisions. That is why Federalist…
  • Research Report

    The Best of Both Budgets: “Reverse logrolling” would help legislators produce a sound spending plan

    posted June 17, 2014 by Sarah Curry
    Reverse logrolling applied to the current state budget would result in a General Fund budget of $20.6 billion and a $667 million surplus, which would allow legislators more flexibility when discussing spending priorities, including teacher pay increases. It would also allow enough to be set aside in savings and reserves to avoid any unforeseen shortfalls in the next fiscal year.
  • Press Release

    They Can’t All Be Teachers

    posted August 2, 2005
    RALEIGH – Market forces may be moving textile and furniture employment overseas, but according to a new report from the John Locke Foundation there’s no mistaking a major growth industry…
  • Research Report

    They Can’t All Be Teachers: NC Government Employment High and Rising

    posted August 1, 2005 by Joseph Coletti
    From 2000 to 2005, while 105,000 North Carolinians lost jobs in the private sector, state and local government payrolls grew by 46,000 — an increase of 8.2%, 16th largest in the nation. N.C. state and local governments now have 710 employees per 10,000 residents — more than any other state of similar size, including Massachusetts.
  • Research Report

    By the Numbers 2004

    posted January 7, 2004 by Michael Lowrey
    Counties and towns are a critical level of government in North Carolina, providing or administering many critical services while taking in billions of dollars of revenue. This is especially true as the state government has increasingly shifted more taxing authority to localities to make up for money kept by the state. While the importance of county and municipal government is great, obtaining comparative data is difficult. To help address this, By the Numbers 2004 provides information on how much local government costs in every city and county in North Carolina.
  • Research Report

    The Freedom Budget: Nine Rs for North Carolina Fiscal Responsibility

    posted March 31, 2003 by Dr. Roy Cordato, Don Carrington, John Hood
    North Carolina faces significant fiscal and economic challenges over the next two years. But it need not resort to higher taxes, a state-run lottery, higher debt, or gimmickry to balance its budget. Nor does North Carolina need to skimp on crucial needs such as education and highways. By setting firm priorities within state government, eliminating unnecessary or duplicative programs, and charging users of some services a reasonable price, state leaders can generate sufficient savings to invest in the future needs of the state.

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