• John Locke Update

    North Carolina: No Excess Deaths From Covid Since Mid-March

    posted July 29, 2021 by Jon Sanders
    Data from the CDC and state DHHS show that North Carolina has not been suffering excess deaths from Covid-19 since mid-March 2021. While Covid-19 is still out there, its effect on North Carolina is no longer causing a statistical anomaly in terms of deaths, meaning it is behaving more and more like an endemic virus, such as a flu, not a pandemic. If North Carolina is no longer witnessing excess deaths owing to Covid-19, then why does Gov. Cooper still keep the state in the minority of U.S. states still under a "State of Emergency"?
  • John Locke Update

    The Fog of COVID-19 Data: An Introduction

    posted May 18, 2020 by Dr. Donald R. van der Vaart
    For weeks now, Americans have lived in a suspended state as they grapple with the response to COVID-19, a disease caused by a “novel” coronavirus that appears to have originated…
  • Press Release

    Unclear numbers hurt immigration debate

    posted June 20, 2006
    RALEIGH – Dubious numbers hamper the debate over illegal immigration in North Carolina, according to a new Spotlight report from the John Locke Foundation. “As the debate about immigration…
  • Research Report

    The Burden of Immigration: Confusing Statistics on Hispanics and Illegal Immigrants

    posted June 20, 2006 by Joseph Coletti
    As the debate about immigration continues, all involved need to be aware of the limitations of existing statistics. Hispanics are about 6 percent of the state’s population and growing. Illegal immigrants make up an estimated 45 percent of the state’s Hispanic population, but 76 percent of recent entrants. The economic and government service usage effects of Hispanics on the state are also significant, but the impact of illegal immigrants is less clear.

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