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    Senate Budget Gimmicks: Fiscal irresponsibility tour moves to House

    posted May 31, 2010 by Joseph Coletti
    A bipartisan majority passed (30-16) a gimmick-laden budget that would increase spending by $100 million over the current budget plan and $900 million more than actual spending in fiscal year 2009. The budget relies on $3 billion in one-time fixes, including $1.6 billion in federal stimulus funds and more than $1.2 billion in temporary tax hikes.
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    President wants to double down on bad ideas as economy struggles

    posted December 17, 2009
    RALEIGH — North Carolina’s 10th straight month of double-digit unemployment should raise doubts about the president’s latest promise of economic stimulus. That’s the reaction from the John Locke Foundation’s top…
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    Latest unemployment numbers raise questions about recovery

    posted November 19, 2009
    RALEIGH — North Carolina’s ongoing struggles with double-digit unemployment raise questions about government claims dealing with economic recovery. That’s the assessment of the John Locke Foundation’s top budget analyst. Click…
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    High-speed rail would waste taxpayers’ money

    posted June 24, 2009
    RALEIGH — North Carolina would waste taxpayers’ money if it signs on to federal plans for high-speed rail service. That’s the conclusion of a new John Locke Foundation Policy…
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    Why North Carolina Should Not Build High-Speed Rail

    posted June 24, 2009 by Randal O’Toole
    Because of their high costs, tiny benefits, and interference with property rights, North Carolina should not attempt to provide high-speed rail service. Instead, it should use its share of the $8 billion stimulus funds solely for incremental upgrades, such as safer grade crossings and signaling systems, that do not obligate state taxpayers to pay future operations and maintenance costs.
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    North Carolina Has Stake in Bush Plan

    posted January 6, 2003
    RALEIGH — As President Bush prepares to announce his $600 billion economic-growth package today at the Chicago Economic Club, local economists are pointing to proposed changes in the taxation of…

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