• John Locke Update

    This Little Piggy Went to Court

    posted April 12, 2017 by Jon Guze
    Pigs have many virtues, but smelling good isn’t one of them. If fact, they—or, more accurately, their waste products—smell bad. As a result, pigs have played—and in North Carolina, they…
  • Research Report

    First in Freedom Index

    posted February 8, 2015 by Research Staff
    Overall, North Carolina ranks 23rd in the nation and 5th among the 12 states of the Southeast in freedom. North Carolina ranks 16th in fiscal freedom, 18th in educational freedom, 36th in regulatory freedom, and 46th in health care freedom.
  • Research Report

    The Tort of Medical Malpractice: Is It Time for Law Reform in North Carolina?

    posted October 19, 2004 by Michael I. Krauss
    N.C. is currently considering important modifications to its tort law, especially its application to medical malpractice. Proponents say it's the only way to ensure quality medical care remains affordable in N.C. Opponents say fluctuations in interest rates and the "insurance cycle" in general account for premium changes, and that tort reform would imperil the health of North Carolinians by "subsidizing" negligent physicians.

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