• John Locke Update

    Trade Deficits Can Be Beneficial

    posted April 10, 2019 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    I was recently cleaning out some old files and came across an article on trade deficits and surpluses that I wrote in 1988 while working as an economist with the…
  • Press Release

    New report highlights harm from climate change policies

    posted April 30, 2008
    RALEIGH – A North Carolina commission is considering policies that “would exert significant negative effects on the state economy,” according to a new report from Boston-based economists…
  • Press Release

    Climate change policies would raise taxes, limit freedoms

    posted February 26, 2008
    RALEIGH – A new John Locke Foundation report guides North Carolinians through “vague, overbroad” policies proposed to help the state address global warming. The report shows how the policy…

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