• John Locke Update

    Did President Trump Sabotage Obamacare?

    posted October 14, 2019 by Jordan Roberts
    The U.S. Census Bureau recently released its report on health insurance coverage for 2018. The total number of individuals without health insurance increased from 2017 to 2018. Many media…
  • Research Report

    Hasty on Health Choice: New Data Show Adverse Impact on Self-Sufficiency

    posted March 20, 2001 by John Hood
    North Carolina's new Child Health Insurance Program known as Health Choice has grown rapidly in its first two years, attracting national praise and prompting calls for additional funding to enroll more children. But the program, while helping to reduce the uninsured rate, has also contributed to a 30 percent drop in private coverage and self-sufficiency among families of modest means. Significant changes are needed to ensure a better use of taxpayer dollars.

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