• John Locke Update

    Can State Legislators Lower the Cost of College?

    posted October 25, 2018 by Joseph Coletti
    High school seniors could apply to any community college, nearly all private colleges, and six of the 10 public universities in North Carolina for free last week (October 15-19) as…
  • Press Release

    Charter schools would boost UNC teacher training

    posted December 3, 2007
    RALEIGH – The University of North Carolina could boost its teacher-training programs by starting charter schools at most UNC campuses. That’s the key recommendation in a new John Locke Foundation…
  • Research Report

    Measuring Up: How North Carolina’s Faculty Salaries Compare

    posted November 30, 2001 by Jon Sanders, John Hood
    Author Jon Sanders studies professor salaries across the United States and finds that the pay of North Carolina's college and university professors, when adjusted for cost of living, is comparable to the pay of faculty in other states. (Not available online.)
  • Research Report

    Inquiry #1: Bond, Strange Bond

    posted September 30, 2001 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    Summary: The University of North Carolina Board of Governors has proposed a capital spending plan calling for nearly $5 billion over the next decade to modernize and expand the system. To pay for it, UNC wants the authority to raise funds by the issuance of two kinds of bonds that would not be subject to voter approval. While there is undeniable need to renovate academic buildings, taking care of the worst needs over the next four years would cost about $1.1 billion and could be handled through the existing budget process if repair and renovation were made the top university priority. The need for a large-scale construction program is dubious and does not require the use of non-voter-approved bonds.
  • Press Release

    Race Preferences Challenged

    posted January 25, 1999
    RALEIGH — The John Locke Foundation has released a new handbook advising North Carolina college and university trustees on the legal implications of race preferences in higher education. The handbook,…

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