• John Locke Update

    The Myth of “Wage Push” Inflation

    posted October 25, 2018 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    Much of the economic news lately is focusing on the fact that labor is becoming a scarce commodity. Each quarter when labor and job statistics are released, we hear how…
  • John Locke Update

    Minimum Wage Hikes Leave Less-Experienced Workers Behind

    posted October 25, 2018 by Jon Sanders
    The John Locke Foundation’s policy position on the minimum wage concludes with this recommendation: Keep the state minimum wage no higher than the federal minimum wage. Create no greater harm…
  • Research Report

    Fiction & Fact on Pay: More data would help taxpayers and state workers

    posted June 21, 2001 by Don Carrington
    State employees can't be blamed for seeking better compensation. All workers do. But to fulfill their responsibility to taxpayers, lawmakers should rely on solid data when evaluating pay requests. The vacancy rate in state government is highly exaggerated, for example, while the number of vacant jobs actually being advertised is shrinking rather than growing. Furthermore, national data suggest that N.C. state workers are competitively paid on average and cannot demonstrate the higher productivity that might justify higher pay levels.

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