• Research Report

    Wake County’s Edifice Complex: Extravagant School Buildings Do Not Lead to Higher Student Achievement

    posted August 8, 2006 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    Contrary to the claims of school officials and community leaders in Wake County, students do not necessarily perform better in schools that have fewer mobile units or temporary classrooms, more square feet per student, and more acreage. This finding is consistent with national and international research that found no consistent relationship between school facilities and learning. The Wake County Public School System can scale back their multi-billion construction and renovation plans without harm to student learning.
  • Press Release

    Wake Voters Reject Bonds That Raise Taxes

    posted April 25, 2006
    RALEIGH – More than 60 percent of Wake County voters would reject a school bond referendum that triggers a tax increase, according to a new poll commissioned by the John…

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