For starters –the N&R lays into Rep. Bert Jones, who sponsored a bill calling for a “Convention of the States” to discuss amendments to the U.S. Constitution:

Jones’ bill seems assured of approval in the Senate; then Jones can focus on constitutional conventions. The sheer nerve of it all is downright surreal. And indefensible. As our Republican governor, Pat McCrory, said recently: “We have some legislators who also want to be mayors and city councilmen. … If someone wants to change the form of government in one of your cities, then go run for city council, for mayor.”

And if someone wants to end needless tinkering by outside forces, the best place to start is in Raleigh.

Talking about nerve–that’s nothing compared to the sheer nerve displayed by International Civil Rights Museum board chair (and Guilford County school board member) Deena Hayes-Greene, who is asking fellow board members to reach into their own pockets to help cover new chief operating officer Bay Love’s salary:

..Hayes-Greene and board member Ron Milstein made the pitch to fellow board members in an email on March 17.

They said the museum has “a hard stretch ahead, and our success will require each of us stepping in and stepping up in new ways.

“If you have gone to your personal bank account, your corporation, or other organization to see what you can contribute to the 31K to cover (Love’s) salary and related expenditures, please contact one of us directly so that we can finalize your contribution,” the email said.

I guess we know now why there was initial secrecy surrounding Love’s hire back in March.

I’m not sure what’s the better pull quote—Milstein’s insistence that the museum’s financial future is solid or City Council member Jamal Fox observing “it seems like you’d want to make sure you can pay someone before you hire them on.”