Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner comments on an interesting anniversary from the Obama era.

Five years ago, former President Barack Obama revealed at a White House press briefing that he had no strategy to defeat the Islamic State.

Members of the press and a handful of right-wing and GOP cranks went wild … for the president’s choice of attire. Obama attended the briefing wearing a baggy tan suit. It was all reporters and commentators could talk about.

Newsrooms have since rewritten the history of that 2014 incident. Every year on the anniversary of Obama debuting his tan suit, a number of journalists and commentators claim it was the president’s critics who overreacted. They claim it was conservatives, not the newsrooms that gushed like teenage fans, who turned the suit into a full-blown event.

Today, members of the press have tweaked further their false version of events. They now use the anniversary of the tan suit to claim the Obama administration was essentially scandal-free. This is beyond ignorance or sycophancy. It is immoral and a damned lie. …

… I am not sure why members of the press need to be told this, but the Obama administration absolutely had serious scandals. Many of them. Some of them even had body counts. The Obama administration oversaw a fatally botched Justice Department gun-running operation, the extrajudicial execution of United States citizens in foreign countries, a pillaged U.S. consulate and a dead ambassador due to executive branch negligence, thousands of veterans’ deaths connected to the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal — well, you name it. In fact, the eight-year Obama presidency was book-ended by scandal. It began with voter intimidation, and it ended with Russian election interference that occurred entirely on his watch.