From: Anthony Tata/Superintendent/WCPSS
Date: 09/25/2012 05:56PM
Subject: Thank You


The board voted yesterday to seek my separation without cause, after which I reluctantly entered into negotiations that resulted in an agreement that effective today I would no longer serve as your superintendent.

I am proud of everything that all of you have accomplished in the last 20 months, such as:

· Positive academic gains in 19 of 20 measurable areas
· The highest gains ever recorded for low income high school students
· Reducing the number of schools below 70% proficiency from 26 to 13
· Raising the accreditation of the entire school system while completing all action steps required by Advance Ed
· Adding 15 new Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Global Language programs
· Creating two new leadership academies and beginning the process of funding a long awaited career technical high school
· Working hard to get more money for the school system … which for the most part turned into raises and bonuses for our teachers and staff
· Producing two student assignment plans focused on increasing stability
· Vastly improving services for our 20,000 special education students
· And implementing the new common core curriculum in all 169 schools

These are just a few of your accomplishments. As you know, we have so much more to do… and there was so much more that I wanted to do.

I will profoundly miss all of you: the students, teachers, staff, and principals as well as our many hard working business partners, volunteers and parents who make our school system so great.

To all 18,000 employees, I say thank you for your support and loyalty to our core mission of raising academic achievement for all children. It has been my honor and privilege to serve with you.

Tony Tata