How we build and maintain roads in North Carolina is complicated.  How we pay for them doesn’t have to be.

Here are four suggestions (in order of policy preference) to fix the gas tax/transportation problem without increasing taxes:

1. Spend highway money on highways. Stop diverting and spending on non-highway needs. No more to rail transit, mass transit, bikes/pedestrian ways, ferries and aviation. No diversion to the General Fund, the Highway Patrol of other state agencies. Streamline administrative services, cut 500 permanent employees and eliminate 50 vacant positions. Savings: $680.5 Million

2. Increase highway user fees. Increase all vehicle fees and driver licensing and permitting fees, motorcycle fees and fees for commercial carriers. Install toll roads.

3. Increase the gas tax. Offset by reducing the sales tax. No net tax increase.

4. Allow gas tax rate to increase, but keep growth at rate of inflation with a floor and a ceiling.