Tax season is closing in on me. It would be great if I were relaxed enough to scour the headlines, but I am struggling to see why, as somebody in the 10% bracket, I owe 30% of my income. Remember that, unlike the typical high-school dropout, I have not memorized the tax code, nor am I capable of filling out 32 pages of forms a minute.

Well, I have to cover a political meeting this afternoon for the local paper. That means I get to quote all these legislators and wannabe legislators who think taxes aren’t high enough yet for everybody who works a service industry job for the revenue-essential tourists, pays 30% of their income in taxes, and with the $600 a month left is supposed to buy an $800/month apartment, and pay a penalty for not thinking they have enough to buy health insurance. Then one wonders why we have food deserts in a land of plenty.