Teachable Moment JLF pushes back with teacher pay facts, NCAE pivots to pure politics

It’s a role we proudly accept: providing facts and data to frame a reasoned, rational discussion of public policy in North Carolina. Our influence was on full display earlier this month when a protest organized by the state affiliate of the country’s largest teacher union garnered national attention for its grievances against the current Republican-led legislature.

We didn’t allow demonstrably false claims to go unchallenged. When the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) advanced the false narrative that North Carolina teachers have been starved of raises, we responded with a factual and very public message that refuted the claim. In fact, we dominated social media with this infographic.

Combined with graphics posted to the Carolina Journal page, our Facebook reach topped 156,000 viewers over a nine-day period. Our coordinated Twitter posts soared as well, nearing 45,000 impressions. The NCAE was forced to pivot to a purely political complaint that conservatives don’t devote enough money to public education.

Coincidentally – or perhaps not – our web servers came under attack immediately following the teacher walkout. The attacks were designed to shut down our websites and effectively silence our voice. It didn’t work.

The teacher protest also brought the spotlight to our own education expert, Dr. Terry Stoops. Click below on any link for a sampling of his considerable media impact.

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