Dave Saba, President of the American Board of Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE), wrote an excellent editorial in the Charlotte Observer regarding ?teacher shortage? issues. Dave acknowledges the real problem being North Carolina?s lack of alternative routes for licensing and certification.
As long as the General Assembly allows the State Board of Education to control the current bureaucratic boondoggle of licensing, our state will continue to struggle getting teachers into the classroom.
Meanwhile, the North Carolina University System continues to cash in on their ?education cash cow? programs. Our tax money once again wasted on programs not necessary.
The ABCTE?s Passport to Teaching, is recognized as a route to state certification in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Hampshire, Idaho, Mississippi and Utah. Meanwhile in North Carolina the State Board of Education is STUCK on making teacher certification a hoop many people just will not jump through.
The next time you hear about the ?teacher shortage? in North Carolina, remember the reason has to do with the ridiculous hurdles placed by the bureaucrats.