Results of the 2016 NC Teacher Working Conditions (TWC) Survey will be released this week.

The New Teacher Center does not want anybody to believe that the survey is an “assessment of the morale of teachers or their happiness with specific policies.”  Rather, they characterize it is a “statistically valid and reliable instrument to assess whether educators have working conditions in their school that support effective teaching.”  (It’s hard to imagine that teachers’ level of contentment or discontentment would not be reflected in the survey results, given how few opportunities exist for teachers to share their thoughts anonymously.)

In their presentation to the NC State Board of Education, the New Teacher Center reports that there were small but positive changes in most categories.   Overall, between 85 and 87 percent of teachers surveyed said that their school is a good place to work and learn.  A plurality of teachers say that school leadership is the teaching condition that most affects their willingness to keep teaching at their current school.