The N.C. Association of Educators has asked public school teachers to skip school on May 16 to participate in “advocacy day” activities.  Apparently, many Durham County teachers are planning to take a personal day to attend the event.  As a result, school officials are considering canceling classes for the day, but cancellation depends on how many teachers call off.

Bryan Proffitt, president of the DAE, said he believes DPS has already met the threshold. He said the DAE will attend Thursday’s school board meeting to ask it to close schools May 16 so that the DAE, parents and others can begin to develop plans to help families care for their children.

“We recognize the inconvenience, particularly for working-class parents, but our bigger concern is the inconvenience that the General Assembly has been imposing on all of us,” Proffitt said.  [Link added]

If DPS does cancel classes, perhaps the NCAE should offer to reimburse working-class and single parents for the cost of childcare or foregone wages.  Of course, students who have teachers who attend the event will lose a day of learning just days before annual state testing will occur.