On March 24, NC Association of Educators (NCAE) President Rodney Ellis issued a statement about the passage of House Bill 2.

House Bill 2 goes against NCAE’s core values of equality for every individual. This discriminatory law turns back decades of civil rights progress and hamstrings local governments from making their communities a reflection of their citizens and their beliefs. Today we stand up with educators, businesses, and local government leaders for the rights of the LGBT community and all the citizens of North Carolina from discriminatory practices.

It is a pretty standard response, but it did not sit well with some teachers.  The NCAE Facebook page included the following comments:

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These teachers have a point.  NCAE continues to align itself with the Moral Monday crowd, thus weakening their standing among the legislators, policymakers, and others who could help them advance their agenda.

It is no wonder that the organization has lost thousands of members in the last five years.