Itxu Diaz offers National Review Online readers an alternatives to lofty political promises that emerge from the major parties.

It is difficult to ignore that the origin of the pandemic is not sanitary but moral: It was the lies and concealment of the Chinese Communists that caused a small local outbreak to become a global pandemic. We should always keep this in mind. The least a leader can do now is tell his people the truth. People are dying, more will die, the situation is terrible, we still know almost nothing about the virus, we are not prepared for this situation and, in the end, my friends, all that remains is to unite, to help each other, and to fight. The Welfare State is over. No more social democracy. No more trying to cover up the ineptitude of our rulers with taxes. Taxes are not worth much when the majority has lost their jobs, and purchasing power plummets. In times of crisis, the socialist economy collapses: Not everyone can live subsidized . . . not when there’s no one who can pay for it. Remember the wisdom of P. J. O’Rourke: “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.” It’s a terrible thing to have to tell kids at progressive universities, but sometimes my role as a journalist comes down to giving people nightmares: There’s always someone paying for the party. Someone pays for climate-change policies, someone pays for sex-change operations, someone pays for the BLM destruction in the streets, and someone pays for the WHO’s attempts to whitewash the Chinese Communist regime.

If it’s a question of telling the truth, a good leader would warn the people that, even making the best decisions, only a miracle can save us from the abyss we’ve started falling down.