I hate to spoil the serious tone set by Dominick the Italian Donkey, but Roy will survive to blog another day another way, maybe even usefully.

Assad Meymandi of the JLF Board challenged some friends to write what they would say to the president if granted a brief audience. Here’s my version, and maybe others would like to respond.

Mr. President,

You are now free from reelection politics and can think about how you want to be remembered. Summon America and the world to a “New Age of Liberty” encompassing “democracy” abroad and the “ownership society” at home but not limited to them. “Liberty” is the appropriate term, a right of mankind under the Natural Law given by our Creator, proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Democracy is not enough, because the majority can oppress minorities, whereas Liberty is secured by enforcement of rights in property, which the Declaration defined as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many peoples have little Liberty, and even in America guaranteed liberties have been weakened by unconstitutional laws and court misinterpretations. Judged by constitutional standards there is considerable illegal governmental interference in our lives.

The foreign policy tools are cooperation, information, education, technical and financial assistance and free trade. Where terrorists and rogue states threaten Liberty sanctions or force may be necessary.

At home, cut back and try to eliminate federal functions not authorized in the Constitution. Individuals or their associations can provide for social needs more effectively at a cost far less than if done by government.

Tax rates should be low, ideally paying for only enough government for defense and to protect property and other civil rights. Low taxes will provide powerful incentives to work and save, which will produce the strongest possible economy.

Enforcement of individual rights in property is important for Liberty and indeed to an American ownership society. Enforce the Bill of Rights, especially the Takings Clause of Article V, which prohibits government from expropriating individuals’ rights in their properties. Some think this a rich man’s right, but the poor suffer most from regulatory barriers and need unrestricted opportunity to pursue happiness, to make a career, to hold what they have earned, without restriction. Encourage all nations to adopt similar rights.

Justices who will enforce the Constitution are crucial to this restored Liberty, because the Constitution is designed to limit government. Fight for confirmation without compromise.

Challenge the world to enter this New Age of Liberty with America as it renews its commitment to its founding principles.