Foodshed. That is where all the little tributaries of food converge, reverse-deltalike into a single stream that leads right to my gut. Actually, they converge into a centralized feeder for all our food-desert chidren. Today, we learn that the Appalachian Foodshed Project has given the Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council $9000 to hire a part-time coordinator.

The Appalachian Foodshed Project is funded by a 5-year USDA Food Security Grant.

And, unless you’ve forgotten, we need the federal government to exercise extra-Constitutional powers to help half our people eat because putting a garden in your yard, picking berries by the wayside, or shooting a furry friend in the yard, is for all intents and purposes forbidden anymore. Among other functions, the coordinator will:

connect and collaborate with other community groups to increase awareness and actions to improve food security and food policy locally.