What is it about the minimum wage — instituted by racist progressive eugenicists deliberately seeking to price blacks and “inferior” whites out of the job market — that appeals to modern-day progressives?

More than doubling the present minimum wage is a darling of the “moral” movement (who also favor other racist progressive eugenics notions like furthering abortion, but I digress).

Some areas around the country raised their minimum wages last year. And the policy is working as originally designed. Investor’s Business Daily reports today:

Hiring at restaurants, hotels and other leisure and hospitality sector venues slowed markedly last year in metro areas that saw big minimum-wage hikes, new Labor Department data show.

Wherever cities implemented big minimum-wage hikes to $10 an hour or more last year, the latest data through December show that job creation downshifted to the slowest pace in at least five years. …

A slowdown in job growth can fly below the radar, at least for those who aren’t seeking low-wage work. But the risk of raising the minimum wage too high became fairly obvious last month, when Wal-Mart (WMT) bolted from Oakland and Los Angeles and scrapped plans for two stores in low-income areas of D.C.

min wage effects 2015

It’s a wonder the “moral” movement wants to extend this morality to North Carolina. Nevertheless, they push for a moral public policy to morally price the poorest and least-skilled people out of work.

In the meantime, they have morally encouraged low-income workers to morally walk off their jobs and morally hold signs protesting their (former) employers for giving them a paying job so that the moral movement morally has news camera fodder.