In case you are looking for a specialty plate for your car promoting NC, here you go….


image001It’s the new NC logo – Nothing Compares.  For only $15, you can sport a logo that was named “Worst of 2015” by an Austin Texas design firm, Under Consideration. They had this to say about our new logo:

“While it does take top honors as the worst of 2015 I would also consider this to be one of the worst compositions of the decade so far,”… “It’s like they picked elements from a hat and then five different people were responsible for executing each element and then they put them all together and then issued a press release.

“I saw a landfill yesterday and it definitely compared to this logo.”

There apparently is an email invitation circulating to some state employees inviting them to show their state pride, pay the fee and slap one of these on their cars.  The deadline to sign up is Feb. 15.  But it’s not just for state employees.  Anyone can sign up to show their interest.  Look closely under the picture of the license plate here– it says “artwork subject to change”  Hmmmm.

So what do you think?  Are those folks from Austin Texas right?  Terrible or Tasteful?  Will you be getting one?