I just talked about the great developments (and demolitions) in my home state, and coincidentally USA Today has a great profile of my wife’s home state of Idaho. Its growth and economic development rival that of Arizona and Nevada, thanks in large part to tourism, chips and chips (computers and potato). Sure, they have an extra friendly senator also, but many would consider their top executive not-so-helpful:

Idaho’s growth is remarkable because it has no single cause.

Idaho ? unlike its prospering neighbor, Wyoming
? doesn’t have oil, natural gas or coal, although hydroelectric power
is abundant. The state hasn’t tried to woo industry with big tax breaks
and subsidies. “We don’t play that game,” says Republican Gov. C.L.
“Butch” Otter, a former executive with agribusiness giant Simplot.

Idaho’s economy has clicked in every sector:
farming, technology, tourism, construction, service industries. Big
business has thrived, and small entrepreneurs have, too. The state has
a 2.4% jobless rate, the lowest in the nation, and has added jobs every
year since 1987.

Do…you…mean….(longer pause)….WE’VE BEEN DUPED?!?