And again the fault lines are pretty predictable. The latest development, per the UPoR:

Three members of a separate airport oversight committee created by the legislature, including businessman Felix Sabates, wrote in their letter that the seven city-appointed members of the Charlotte Airport Commission “have refused to carry out or misunderstood their duties” under the act that created the commission.

“The Commission, in its present form, is just not working,” Sabates, Muriel Sheubrooks and Ken Walker wrote the governor, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore. “It appears that the City’s appointees have decided to put the political wishes of the City officials who appointed them over their duties to the commission.”

The seven city appointees currently make up a majority of the 13-member commission. If the makeup were changed to end that majority – which the oversight group suggested would “probably” be necessary – the commission could fight more vigorously to run the airport. So far, the group has deadlocked on crucial issues such as whether to direct their lawyers to fight for the commission’s existence.

What, members appointed by the city of Charlotte might want the city to continue to run the airport? How could this possibly be? I’m just shocked, shocked I tell you…