Cato’s David Boaz offers this analysis of Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. (Especially see the video linked below.)

Around the world over the past decade, longstanding and stultifying
power elites have been toppled by what came to be known as the ?color revolutions?
? notably the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Orange Revolution in
Ukraine, and hopefully the Green Revolution in Iran. Now the political
elites in Boston and Washington have been rocked by the Brown

Pundits have been describing a possible Brown victory in terms like
?canary in the mine,? ?depth charge,? ?shock waves,? ?nuclear
explosion,? ?full freak-out,? and ?angels will weep and the Charles
River will run red with blood.? Political scientist Raymond La Raja said
a Democratic loss would be the first shot in what could be a
revolutionary war ? ?like the Battle of Lexington and Concord.? That?s
what worries the Democratic ruling establishment.

This ?revolutionary? video got more than 400,000 views in the week before the election.