As Robert Stacy McCain points out, the University of North Carolina can’t abide appearances by two former congressmen discussing illegal immigration and affirmative action, reacting with a near-riot in one case and disruptive behavior in the other. On the other hand:

Crystal Mangum — the woman whose false accusation of rape defamed Duke University lacrosse players — gave a speech at Chapel Hill without incident.

But never fear. This is all normal, well and good. Just read Jim Jenkins’ column in today’s News & Observer:

College campuses are liberal outposts, for the most part, and that’s just how it is.

When conservative ideas dominate in an area of society (getting scarcer, I admit) the N&O wants change, change, change and more change. It’s always an emergency, a dire need, as the N&O views with alarm right-wing influence. But when it comes to liberal ideas dominating, they take a Bruce Hornsby approach. That’s just the way it is.