The headline of John Hinderaker‘s Power Line blog entry proclaims “Comey’s FBI lied about Lynch-Clinton meeting.” While that portion of the story is certainly interesting, more disturbing to this reader is the media’s response to the story.

To me, the most interesting revelation of the DOJ documents is the extent to which the Democratic Party media were anxious to squash the Lynch/Clinton story. Thus, Matt Zapotosky of the Washington Post told DOJ’s spokeswoman that he was “hoping I can put [the story] to rest,” notwithstanding that his editors were “still” interested:

Similarly, ABC News disclaimed any interest in the story, “even if Fox runs with it.” It is interesting that the Fox producer didn’t think the meeting was news, either:

I like this one from NPR. The reporter observes sympathetically that the Lynch/Clinton meeting represented “an awful appearance problem.” We wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of Hillary’s campaign!