The local daily has an absolutely astonishing article on a subject I haven’t been following: urination in Asheville parking garages. I don’t use the garages, so I have no experience, but evidently the smell and other sanitation issues have really been bothering people. The wording in the article is tricky, so a fast reader might assume the city spends $130,000 a year cleaning the mess. It only spends a portion of that sum.

Taking a responsible and proactive role, the newspaper asked the city if it was interested in repainting with a urine-resistant material. Parking Services Manager Harry Brown, who is highly-respected in many circles for good management, replied the city is aware of the product but needs to know how it works compared to other options before it purchases. Flaunting my inner conflicts, I shall add the article ends with a joke so funny I feel compelled to link though it is in too poor taste to repeat.