And media aren’t interested in addressing this problem, no, not if a misled public could be more amenable to their political ends.

Meanwhile, the U.S. leads the world in emissions reductions, while media climate darlings not just lag behind, but erase all of our gains.

And North Carolina? We’re right in line with the nation’s emissions reductions this century.

But Civitas’ May poll results show North Carolinians are quite pessimistic about the environment. This is so far out of phase, it’s like Secretariat thinking he’s getting lapped:

The latest Civitas Poll finds that a majority of likely voters surveyed believe environmental quality in our state and across the nation is worse today than it was ten years ago.

When asked, “Do you believe the natural environment in North Carolina is more or less clean than it was ten years ago,” 44 percent stated that they believed it was less clean.

Respondents were then asked their opinion on whether the natural environment across the United States is cleaner than it was ten years ago. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they believed it was less clean.

But the facts are:

  • The U.S. leads the world in cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
  • U.S. emissions are at their lowest level since 1992.
  • Per-capita U.S. emissions haven’t been this low since 1950.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. are down 15.7 percent since 2007 and are still falling. …

Click here for more — and for a compelling reason why media, politicians, celebrities, activists, academics, etc. would be reluctant to acknowledge it, the realization of the very things they’ve professed to want for decades.