The boss received some mail from the Alliance Defending Freedom. It contained a quiz that had gold dust glued over the answers like some kind of an education lottery, so I couldn’t help but try to scratch and win. I got all the answers correct (Gloat! Gloat!), but the message intended about self-censorship is valuable, so I will reproduce the quiz here:

  1. Do students have the right to express their religious beliefs during appropriate times at school?
  2. Can students distribute written religious material at school?
  3. Can students advertise religious events at school?
  4. Can students include religious remarks as part of their graduation speech or hold baccalaureate ceremonies?
  5. Can religious clubs get funding from their school for their activities if other clubs are receiving funding?
  6. Can religious clubs invite outside speakers to meetings if other clubs can invite outside speakers?
  7. Can coaches participate in religious activities with other coaches and teachers as a group?

Of course, all the answers are yes.