In a recent blogpost, I provided links to several installments in an ongoing debate over the future of conservatism, including Sohrab Ahmari’s attack on David French that started the whole thing, French’s response to that attack, and Ross Douthat’s attempt to put the debate in some sort of historical context.  At Jacobite, James Giuran provides yet another perspective that concludes with this:

[S]imply banning drag queens from California’s libraries won’t make America great again. The question of what will remains open, but here are some components of a new conservatism that will be necessary: an end to mass unskilled migration, stricter immigration controls, and an uncompromising defense of borders and the nation-state system; the establishment of policies and culture that support marriage, family formation, and homeownership; a serious drive to retake cultural hegemony from the progressives; a willingness to combat the conspiratorial demographic hatred which casts men as sub-rational pigs and whites as the nefarious, scheming villains of history; and the abandonment of the dead consensus of social conservatism and little else, in favor of a new nationalism that protects both Christian and ‘pagan’ Americans and works to preserve the civilization they have built.