As the UPoR reports, the state’s new road project rating system is out, and it puts a very middling score on the Garden Porkway, placing it 175th out of 399 projects ranked statewide. Given that the proposed toll (in parts) bypass around Gastonia could cost up to $843 million, the odds of the porkway getting built anytime soon would seem rather low. What’s much more likely to happen is that the state may add a lane to Interstate 85 through Gastonia to the US 321 exit, which would cost “only” $198 million. The proposed I-85 widening ranked 16th overall.

And a sure sign a project is a dog is when you get a quote like this as the best argument for it:

“I’m not surprised (I-85) ranked so high,” said Donny Hicks, executive director of the Gaston Economic Development Commission. “But when you look at the parkway question, you have to step back and say common sense says that in 10-15 years from now, the volume of traffic (will require the building of the parkway).”

He said his group will continue to lobby for the parkway.

“When you think about this regionally, that road will also help the northern part of York County,” Hicks said. “It has some positive implications for South Carolina.”

Positive implications for South Carolina? Great, then I’m sure that South Carolina would be willing to kick in a couple hundred million, right?