North Carolina blogger Matt Gross, who helped design Howard Dean?s Internet presence, has now officially become a national laughingstock because of a post-election post on his blog that James Taranto picked up on yesterday in his ?Best of the Web? feature for the Wall Street Journal. It involves an extended and absurd analogy between the Democratic Party and a battered wife.

What Taranto didn?t apparently realize is that the post, not by Matt but by ?Mel Gilles,? wasn?t just put up by a random visitor. She is Matt Gross? wife.

I met him a while back at a North Carolina bloggers conference organized and hosted by Ed Cone and David Hoggard, two Greensboro bloggers. Matt is a leftie but came across as whip-smart and discerning. Appearances can be deceiving, I guess, or else one spouse should never be held responsible for what the other does (which, come to think of it, is a proposition that many spouses of JLF staffers will no doubt embrace with glee and relief).