Hey why not, especially since Charlotte Hornets president and chief operating officer made it clear that Greensboro’s D-league team is unequivocally “not going back to Carolina Cougars” and there “won’t be any confusion in anyone’s mind that Michael Jordan owns our team.”

Personally I think reviving the Cougars name would generate the nostalgia necessary to pack the house come next basketball season. And you’d think his Royal Airness would err on the side of humility considering the ill will his predecessor Bob Johnson generated in the Queen City.

At any rate naming the team is the least of the challenges facing Whitfield and Greensboro Coliseum director Matt Brown. There is the issue of taking converting the Pavilion annex into “old-school, 2,500-seat basketball fieldhouse complete with locker rooms and a permanent, Quonset-hut-style roof” with a mere $3.8 million in hotel tax money.