Over at sister blog The Locker Room, JLF’s health and human services policy analyst, Katherine Restrepo, blogged about the plight of an Apex business owner because of ObamaCare. I encourage you to read the letter submitted to the U.S. House by Steve Lovinsky, vice president of Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Service, Inc. After he explains how ObamaCare will devastate his business and his employees, which he says includes “over 50 convicted felons that could not find work anywhere else,” he adds the following.

A couple of other issues that have been affected by thish law.

(1) Because of the financial uncertainty of this law, we have not expanded at our prior pace (approximately 10% a year, so there is 25-30 people we did not hire this year.

(2) Also, we try to give back to our community, giving $20,000 a year to charities, like the Special Olympics, Durham Rescue Mission and many others. But with the financial uncertainty of this law, we have suspended payments this year.

This is the face of ObamaCare, and it is heartbreaking.