Informeth the Sylva Herald:

Students will toss empty milk containers into bins and feed food scraps to worms as Jackson County Schools begins the school year with a new focus on recycling and composting.
The district also plans to set up “share tables” in the nine cafeterias. Students can place uneaten fruit and unused containers of juice and milk in bins and coolers rather than throwing them away.
“That fresh apple they don’t want? A student can come up and get it,” school Nutrition Director Laura Cabe said. “I have kids who are hungry ask all the time, ‘Why can’t you give us more food?’ Now we can.”
Volunteers with The Community Table will collect what’s left once a week for the Sylva soup kitchen and food pantry. Director Amy Sims said avian flu and drought in California have combined to drive food prices up 92 percent compared to last year. “This helps,” she said. “Produce in particular just flies out the door.”

Where to start? Where to start? I flash back to the Ozzie and Harriet neighborhood in which I grew up. Daddy and Mommy were married. Daddy had a job so we could pay the mortgage and buy food. Mommy stayed home and watched the kids. Mommy packed us kiddinks cold lunches and gave us money to buy a warm main course. She didn’t need the first lady prescribing us stuff we detested so our survival instincts would reject it. If we didn’t eat something, Mommy soon found out and stopped wasting Daddy’s hard-earned and scarce money. Bob Meigs didn’t throw stuff out. He poured his pink yogurt on a chair hoping somebody would sit in it. We didn’t need a program with a director to share with friends. Denise Jimmerson always came by to mooch my Kit Kats. She always asked, which I suppose kids can’t even do anymore, hence the share table. I worry about the fate of the share tables, though, considering how all kids these days are either obese and/or food-insecure. Where to end? Where to end?