Millions of Americans can’t find full time jobs, the U.S. economy is sputtering, and the stuck-in-the-past liberal feminists are holding “Love Your Body Day.”  Just in case you’d like to know what the liberal feminists were talking about 15 years ago, are talking about today, and will be talking about 15 years from now, here’s their recycled rant:

“While NOW Foundation’s groundbreaking Love Your Body campaign has for 15 years been a national leader in demanding inclusion of realistic, positive images of women and girls in advertising and the media, the need for society to speak up and demand change won’t go away any time soon,” said Erin Matson, education vice president of the National Organization for Women Foundation.

The body type commonly portrayed as ideal in the media is naturally possessed by less than five percent of women and girls. While it is unusual to see positive portrayals of women of color, women of size and women with disabilities, it is overwhelmingly typical to see images of fragmented body parts, violence presented as normal and sexualized, and objectified women and girls.

It will always be 1968 to these women.