Matt Margolis writes for about the latest disturbing news surrounding President Biden’s mental competence.

Former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki recently posited that Donald Trump was a threat to the republic because he would prosecute his enemies, while  the worst thing about Joe Biden was that he “occasionally trips over things.”

Clearly, she forgot that it is actually Joe Biden who is targeting and prosecuting his political enemies (Trump, pro-life activists, concerned parents at school board meetings, etc.). But the way she minimized the severity of what is going on with Joe Biden was a ridiculous attempt at gaslighting the public.

Psaki wants us to believe that while Joe Biden may have lost some spring in his step, he’s still firing on all cylinders. 

Except he’s not. We all know it, and just like Biden can’t get away with telling people the economy is the best ever, his allies can’t claim he hasn’t got severe cognitive problems. Why? Because we can see for ourselves what’s happening.

On Tuesday, Biden spoke at a White House event, during which he claimed that climate change is the “ultimate threat to humanity.” Strong words when we’re on the verge of World War III, but I digress.

Like so many other speeches before it, Biden had a difficult time concentrating and speaking. Sometimes, we got a garbled mess of words that didn’t make any sense — if you could even make them out through the slurring.

During the speech, he also repeated the long-debunked story of his alleged past travels with Xi Jinping.

Whether Biden believes that story or knows he is lying is up for debate. But when he attempted to explain what would define “success” for his upcoming meeting with Xi on Wednesday, he appeared confused. …

… Of course, one of Biden’s handlers quickly whisked him away.

But, you know, according to Jen Psaki, he just trips over things occasionally.