Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist website probes one key factor that helped propel Donald Trump to the White House.

BuzzFeed did its part for this past weekend’s social media garbage fire of uninformed rage by calling up companies to encourage them to condemn the Trump administration’s hastily issued executive order dealing with immigrants and refugees from certain regions.

Stephen Miller asked, “What exactly does Buzzfeed do journalistically besides publicly bully people & companies they don’t agree with?”

I joked, “They also get Trump elected.”

See, one of the reasons tens of millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was that they were sick of this type of media bullying. But you’re not supposed to point out that BuzzFeed and their ilk’s behavior contributed to Trump’s victory.

Remember when Meryl Stree[p] gave her sermon at the Golden Globes about how awful Trump is? Liberals, and that includes many in the media, absolutely loved it. CNN put out a “breaking news” alert that she had torn into Trump. Conservatives tended not to love it so much. I panned it for its inaccuracy, the lack of empathy it supposedly called for, and general cluelessness.

It was everything about why Trump won. Elite liberal condescension, worst-case construction on the viewpoint of those interested in Trump, and a general missing of the forest for the trees. …

… Telling people not to discuss their prayer life is one of the ways you got Trump. Smug condescension from Hollywood elites is one of the ways you got Trump. I don’t want to get too meta, but telling people they can’t talk about how you got Trump is how you’re going to keep getting Trump.

If you want to roll your eyes and tell me to shut up, fine. I’m just trying to help you do a better job of 1) coming to terms with the fact that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and 2) talking to the people who voted for him in a way that might lead to persuasion or comity. If you don’t want to deal with reality as it exists or persuade people outside of your in-group, carry on.