Here is just a small portion of the email from the progressive listserv at UNC-Chapel Hill about how liberals plan to do their Christmas shopping:

Supporting a Red merchant is just like giving a political
contribution to the Republican Party! Get it? Enhance Blue people. Diminish Red people. It’s the only True Blue way to live. Spend less this Christmas to send this message to Red America: we never gave in. Red America is just as wrong after the election as it was before. They won nothing from us. Only now they are not able to hide in the shadows. Red America is finally fully exposed, out in the open where everyone can see them and their dirty deeds, with no place to hide. The next four years is pay back time. And every True Blue American can do it so easily: spend less! Planning a vacation to Red Florida? Cancel your reservations; go to Blue California instead. Why would you swallow Florida OJ during the next 4 years? Drive less to reduce the need for more foreign oil and more oil wars: bike/walk/carpool. Or just don’t go. Shop Blue states by catalog or internet while cutting your credit card spending in half. Be creative. You can think of a hundred ways to shop Blue instead of Red.

There are so many joke possibilities with this one like:
“Attention liberal Kmart shoppers, there is a BLUE light special now on tissue paper.”

But you can probably also hear Howard Dean saying:

“We’re going to shop in California, then New York, then Massachusetts. We’re going to Pennsylvania, and then Connecticut. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”