Stewart Lawrence asks Daily Caller readers to consider whether the #MeToo movement has transformed into a political liability for Democrats.

It’s official: Democrats are the “pervert” party.

The latest evidence? Iowa’s Democratic candidate for governor, Nate Boulton, is being accused of groping women at bars and even placing his erect penis against one woman during a non-consensual encounter.

It happened some years ago, but in today’s highly charged #MeToo climate, no one gets a pass for boorish behavior – or abuse – even if it occurred well before the onset of their political career. …

… The charges against Boulton are only the latest sign that the #MeToo movement may have boomeranged, politically.

It’s Democratic women for the most part who are leading the charge against sexual miscreants in politics. They seem to think that if they unmask offenders, it will somehow embarrass President Donald Trump — and lead to his downfall.

But most of those offenders turn out to be Democrats.

In the last several months, a true political legend, Rep. John Conyers of the Black Caucus, the House’s longest-serving member, resigned in disgrace. Before him was Sen. Al Franken, a champion of liberals — and women’s rights. …

… In truth, this distinctly partisan pattern of sexual profligacy is a long-standing one. It’s so obvious that you’d think that Democrats would tone down their rhetoric — and perhaps run for cover.

Look at the record: Two Democratic presidents, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton were both flat-out predators.

And two Democratic presidential aspirants, Gary Hart in 1988 and John Edwards in 2008 – both them married, one to a wife dying of cancer, had the temerity to engage in shameless philandering all the while they were campaigning for the presidency.