Here’s the reality of where we are:

  • After seven years to draft a replacement for Obamacare, conservatives on Capitol Hill have failed to deliver.
  • Too many center-right organizations have sacrificed their principles for politics and fundraising.
  • Many conservative activists, elected officials and organizations seem to prefer to squabble among themselves over inconsequential matters, rather than working together to restore limited, Constitutional government.
  • Rather than removing obstacles to free enterprise and letting competition and consumer choice prevail, government favors industries determined “worthy” of financial or regulatory assistance.
  • Instead of standing for limited government, personal responsibility and free enterprise, too many leaders are falling prey to identity politics, corporatism, protectionism, and social justice battles.

At the John Locke Foundation, we stand firm as mature leaders
in reason and critical thinking.

We make no apologies for our commitment to the time-tested principles. We don’t get involved in politics, polling and personalities. Rather, we develop and advocate structural policy solutions, grounded in research, that can have long-term effects – well beyond any particular election.

As much as we all like to follow national politics, the fact is that most structural change and policy innovation occurs at the state level. That’s the beautiful design of Federalism. And because North Carolina is the ninth most populous state in the nation and has now become a “purple” electorate, more and more of the country is watching what happens in the Old North State. This is an opportunity for us, and for you.

Doing this important work requires “investing in liberty.”

Our elected representatives, at all levels of government, desperately need the best ideas in order to propel North Carolina forward and continue the economic transformation. In turn, North Carolina can show the rest of the country what is best for a thriving America. It’s time for maturity. It’s time for thoughtful leadership.

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The John Locke Foundation has a 27-year record of doing exceptional work and making efficient and effective use of our supporters’ donations. You can trust JLF to put all of your donation (investment) toward your intentions, and you can trust us to succeed!

If you desire to live in a state that is “First in Freedom,”
then a tax-deductible investment in the John Locke Foundation
is the sure way to make this happen.

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