Editors at Issues and Insights wonder how much longer climate alarmists can play an outsized role in guiding public policy.

The global warming gasbags and climate catastrophics seem to have an endless amount of energy. Like the posse chasing Butch and Sundance, they don’t get tired, or hungry, or slow down, or even break formation. But unlike that posse, they’ll never catch what they’re chasing.

To listen to the climate alarmists, the casual observer would be convinced that the incineration of Earth due to combustion that produces carbon dioxide is imminent. As in next year … or maybe next week. …

… According to the Mail, “Europe’s top climate activists are planning a ‘large-scale civil disobedience campaign’ of highway blockages, hunger strikes and disruption at ‘federal properties’ in the U.S. in August.”

One who has already obstructed the free movement of others is of course Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish climate activist who is famous for, well, being a sniveling brat feted by the world’s most superficial people even though she’s achieved nothing that would be of benefit to her fellow man. Last week she and others were arrested for spending five days blocking ​​oil tankers in the Malmo, Sweden, harbor. Anyone who thinks this is sane behavior should themselves immediately rush to their local mental health clinic.

Then there’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a tireless activist on behalf of nothing that is helpful to anyone outside of her camp of loons, and a co-member of The Squad with Tlaib. She continues to aggressively market her Green New Deal, climate legislation that is in reality a “how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy”  bill and would cost more money that most could possibly imagine.

Either she believes that the Canadian wildfires that dropped smoke on the U.S. are caused by man’s carbon dioxide emissions, which makes her misguided to the point of ignorance, or she’s fraudulently taking advantage of a crisis to further her hard-left agenda.

Whatever the answer, it does not recommend her as a responsible legislator.