Cheryl Chumley writes for the Washington Times about Democrats’ unusual electoral strategy.

Democrats, fast on the heels of new impeachment articles against President Donald Trump, have seemed to have settled on their election and reelection strategy for 2020 — impeach ‘til the cows come home.

It’s one click past witch hunt and one small, very small step before “get the somofableep!”

Republicans, ever the party of the genteel, have a different phrase for it; they call it “overplaying one’s hand.”

And certainly, Democrats, digging as they are for more articles of impeachment, even as they hold tight to the existing articles of impeachment, even as they send dictates over to the Senate to command-control on how to deal with these existing articles of impeachment — Democrats, certainly, are presenting a bit guilty on the old “overplaying one’s hand” accusation.

Democratic members on the House Judiciary Committee, sad because Speaker Nancy Pelosi gets to hold the articles and they don’t have any left, have gone back to court to petition for information from former White House Counsel Don McGahn and on grand jury testimony tied to Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation — the one that pretty much cleared Trump of any impeachable offense. If the court grants their request for information, “new articles of impeachment” could soon be on the horizon against Trump, according to the Democrats’ Judiciary attorneys.