The News & Observer today snarkily criticized Republican lieutenant governor candidate Dan Forest’s campaign for misspelling “responsibility” in a piece of campaign literature:

If elected, Republican lieutenant governor candidate Dan Forest says he wants to emphasize education. He might want to start with spelling.

His latest campaign flier misspelled “responsibility.” The N.C. Republican Party paid for the mailer — which Forest authorized.

For a publication that published this in their newspaper just the other day, the old adage about throwing stones in glass houses pretty clearly applies:

The Under the Dome blogger who wrote this, John Frank, magnanimously points out that “Dome is not immune to typos,” and then makes the absurd claim that a political candidate’s responsibility to print only perfect copy is greater than the state’s capital-city newspaper, which has banks of professionally trained editors and fact-checkers:

Dome’s not immune to typos so it’s a good thing we’re not running to control the state’s No. 2 elected post like Forest.

In the end, we all understand what this was: a gratuitous jab at a Republican that would never see the light of day if the candidate were a Democrat.